Eeerz Show & Workshop – Review & Gallery

Last Friday you came to Toykio and the place looks a little bit extraordinary. Well, this was because of the Eeerz Show and Workshop taking place then. None less than 22 international artists have each customized 1 Eeerz DIY Toy for the Eeerz Show and after 2 successful shows in the UK and France it was time to show the artwork at our Gallery&Coffee.

Besides, we’d had two promising young artists around, Markus “Deadtree” and “Kami-Zero“, a talented young makeup-artist, customizing their Eeerz at the workshop. What can we say? They delivered a stunning work in relatively short time! But enough of words now, just take a look at the pictures:

Deadtree and his Eeerz:

Kami-Zero and his Eeerz:

Eeerz is the DIY platform from Ubisoft, based on the popular Rayman Raving Rabbids videogame-series. The DIYs are available at Toykio Gallery & Coffee and of course in our online-Store.

The Eeerz Show last until the 20th of May, so if you are near Gallery & Coffee come on in and have a look!

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